Styrotex EPS Products

Styrotex EPS Products

Mecalfab manufactures a wide variety of expanded polystyrene products under its "STYROTEX" brand name. Since establishing this Division in 1978 we have continued to increase our product lines and now include:

  • Picnic coolers, drink coolers, ice buckets
  • Seeding trays
  • Custom designed Seafood export packaging in 65lb., 70lb., 75lb. capacities for local and export markets.
  • Roof insulation boards with fire retardant additive in all sizes and thicknesses
  • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) blocks for construction
  • GEOFOAM blocks for road construction, embankments,culverts. We can offer EPS22 up to EPS46
Our GEOFOAM blocks are tested to rigorous US standard ASTM C578 and ASTM D6817-07 by ATZ Laboratory, Minnesota, USA.

All EPS materials used in Styrotex products are UL certified for fire resistance and quality

Our CNC controlled cutting machine allows us to make any shape you can imagine for customer moldings, architraves, cornices etc.

The batch pre-expander allows to monitor and control quality to very high standards resulting in accurate densities when meeting US specifications for Geofoam blocks.

Our recycling machine allows us to re-purpose 99% of our waste and off-cuts thereby reducing our impact on the environment considerably

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