Solar PV Systems

Welcome to Mecalfab’s Solar PV Systems division. We believe that the reliability and efficiency of our systems start with the components we choose. Our solar PV systems are carefully crafted using cutting-edge solar panels, inverters, mounting structures, and electrical components sourced from trusted manufacturers and suppliers.We are stocking Distributors for the Caribbean region for the following Manufacturers:

Longi Solar Modules

Longi’s solar modules help accelerate the clean energy transition, making the world healthier and more sustainable. Click below for more information.

Phocos Inverters

Phocos is Your Any-Grid™ partner that designs and delivers world-class solutions for energy production, storage, and conservation to enable universal access to reliable energy. Click below for more information.

Sol-Ark Inverters

The Most Advanced Solar-Generator-System Available On The Market.
Built to provide Limitless Energy Independence to business owners. Click below for more information.

Homegrid Lithion Batteries

HomeGrid is a subsidiary of Lithion and prides itself on providing the best energy storage solutions in the industry. Click below for more information.

Other Services We Offer

Salon Essentials
Salon Essentials, a Division of Mecalfab Ltd. was opened in 2000. We distribute to Salon Professionals.
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Mecalfab manufactures a wide variety of expanded polystyrene products under its “STYROTEX” brand name.
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Truck Body and Speciality Fabrication
You dream it, we build it.
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